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Free play roulette – Most Popular Winning Strategies

Online casinos are designed to offer the real time experience of gambling and playing roulette to the players. While the real Marsbahis  casino gives you the actual experience of smoke and drama, this may be the only thing that is lacking in your online casino experience. The topmost strategy that heads the list of popular winning ones is the ‘pivot roulette strategy’. Before understanding the strategy, remember that there are 38 slots on the roulette table of numbers. It is a theoretical concept which can be determined using a paper and pencil. Make a note of the winning numbers that come more in number every 24 spins. This will aid the players to bet on the winning number. Keep a track of all the winning numbers by making a note on the paper and observe the numbers that are being called out in most of the occurrences. The next time, you may place the bet on these numbers and you would be able to make good profit. Keep in mind that you should limit placing the bet on the one particular number for up to 38 spins. If there is no winning, then it is advisable to switch to a different number.

Free play roulette – The Strategy

The next popular strategy is the ‘labourechere Strategy’. This is also known as the cross out strategy where the player picks a sequence of four numbers and places the bet by adding up the two outer numbers. The total of which is the betting number of units. For example, if you choose, 2,3,4,5 as your sequence then the first wager will be 7 units (2+5=7). You may continue playing the game this way if it proves to be a successful strategy. The idea behind this strategy is to cross out the numbers as and when you play the game, no matter you win or lose. There is no guaranteed sequence of numbers as such; however, better results are seen with shorter sequences.Click hereto learn many more such strategies. You can find a bunch of self help sites as well to learn playing and how to gamble with these games.